Monday, May 17, 2010

Screening: I Am Here Now ... @PhilaIndie #PUFF

Posted: Philadelphia Independent Film festival / Philadelphia Underground Film Forum.
Amy Leonard

Title: I Am Here Now

An esoteric exploration into the state of present day society, Neil Breen's I Am Here Now touches on a myriad of issues surrounding environmental destruction, capitalist greed, and interpersonal conflict. In the film, an alien Being descends to earth to find that the human race has developed a corrupt capitalist society that has fostered disregard for nature and the fellow man. Angered by this disregard, the Being sets out to eliminate corrupt lawyers, businessmen, politicians, and criminals. The film asks provocative questions about mankind's purpose on earth and how we relate to both the planet and each other.

These questions are articulated through detached dialogue that hints at the disconnect between our words and intentions as well as visual effects and graphic sequences that create a sense of unsettling surreality.

Metaphor, actualized through both the plot and visuals, plays an important role in this futuristic thriller, allowing viewers to construct their own interpretation of the proposed meanings. I Am Here Now offers an interesting and unique portrayal of issues that beseige humanity. It will challenge viewers to think about humanity and
our place on earth in a new way.

TRT: 86:00

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