Saturday, May 31, 2008

Festival Schedule Posting / Outdoor Screenings

We must move the 2008 schedule release day to Monday, June 2nd!

Please feel free to continue to contact us via EMAIL for scheduling requests.

***** UPDATE *****

YES we are doing outdoor screenings!

Some of you have requested such a venue, if you are interested in an outdoor screening, let us know. The hours are limited but we will try and work it in.

We are working to get the schedule out ASAP!

Thank you,
Benjamin Barnett
Festival Director

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Festival Screening Copy Submission Deadline... June 14th.

Hello All,
We need to have all Festival Screener by the 14th of June.

No exceptions! Please....

We have a steady stream of requests for Festival screener types. We are most excited by DVD, mini-DV, DVC-Pro, and HDV in NTSC format. NO Beta SP! Please.

Let us know what you have and we can see what we can do.

Speak with you all soon.
Benjamin Barnett
Festival Directo

Friday, May 23, 2008

Film Makers have been notified ...

Hello everybody ...
We have posted to WAB and emailed you all about submission status. Please contact us if you did not hear. We do not anticipate this. Thank you so much for submitting and we look forward to speaking with you all in the coming days. If we are unable to screen your movie this year, please stay in contact with us. We will be holding events and many screenings (including daily programming in our HD theater and online) throughout the year and have other plans such as and in development.

We will post schedules here, daily, as they happen and we will have a final schedule by May 31st.

Benjamin Barnett
Festival Director

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Schedules and Acceptance of Movies ...

Hello ...

Today is the day and we are still planning to have the post to all of you that have submitted by 12:00 AM EST.

All schedules of movies will be posted by May 31st. You can call or email to see if you have been scheduled at any time! Please do!

Check our website for other updates and contact information:

We will be in touch shortly ...

Benjamin Barnett
Festival Director

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hotel Sponsorships and Discounts posted ...

We are very excited to work with the following Hotels who are offering discounts to Festival goers ... In order to receive the discount, you must mention the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. We must say that, since their are no hotels in Northern Liberties, you must stay in Old City or Center City. None the less, it's still walking distance! :)

Sheraton Society Hill Hotel One Dock Street.
Philadelphia, PA 19106, US

Comfort Inn 100 N. Chris. Columbus Blvd.
Philadelphia, Pa, US, 19106

Philadelphia, Pa 19107

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown 1201 Market Street
Philadelphia, Pa, 19107 USA

Check out our website for discount rates and please make certain you mention the
Philadelphia Independent Film festival to receive the discount rates ...

More information on the way ...

Thank you -
Steve Greenbaum and Keith Cohen
Festival Sponsorship

Festival Buzz ... People are talking ...

It seems like there is an intense Buzz about the Festival as we are literally swamped with phone calls, emails, and requests for information... We promise to keep this BLOG updated and answer all requests! So keep them coming.

We are laying out the guide now which means we have started to accept movies. We will update on May 21st as we have planned. We are trying not to "leak" information. Maybe we should? Maybe we did!!!

Our sponsorships have been moving along and we can not be more excited for the Festival.

We will be having outdoor screenings!!!! If it rains, we will need to move things in-doors. Let us know what you think about this and expect a global email VIA WAB soon.

Get in touch!
Benjamin Barnett
Festival Director

Friday, May 2, 2008

Festival Screeners ... UPDATE 050108

People have been asking about the actual media that we can screen with.

Here's the answer ...
As it is our inaugural year, we are asking that all Festival Screeners be provided using the following Media: DVD, mini-DV, DVC-Pro, and HDV in NTSC format. We will expand this as we grow. IF you have special needs, please contact us. We will tell you what we can do!

We can only accept screeners that use the PAL format (for Festival Screening) as DVD's at this stage. This might change by Festival time. We will keep you updated.

Please call the Festival at 215 592 -1059 or email with any questions!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Submission Deadline has passed! ... UPDATE: New venue added ...

Ongoing ...
We have received over 300 (322) submissions from 26 countries to this years Festival at this date. Thank you. Thank you. We have been watching movies for 3 months now and are humbled by the clear effort of all. It is obvious that Independent Film making is alive and well through out the world. We are confident that the success of this years submissions will only make for a fantastic inaugural year. You be the judge.

We have added another outdoor screening location...

The Aribol Cafe is an intimate cafe with a great "public" outdoor yard. Head over to the Venue section of the website for more information.

Their have been many inquiries about prizes. We are not offering prizes this year as it is our inaugural year. We didn't think we could! We figured that the Films themselves would do the talking. We will not stop listening to ideas on this though. Feel free to get in touch with any comments.

that's it for now ...
See you at the Festival ...
Benjamin Barnett
Festival Director