Monday, December 12, 2011

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 5 - June 20 - 24, 2012. Withoutabox site to launch by new year.

@PhilaIndie fans and foes alike,
Happy Holidays! This was a great year for us around these parts. We want to thank one last time in the soon to be old year all supporters including film makers, fest organizers, participants, sponsors, venues, and most important the legions of fans of film for their commitment to Independent film and to our festival in particular. It's been a fantastic experience with all of the storyline of a fiction book or a "How to toil in obscurity in Independent Film and make a living" book (so we think at least). Thank you for this experience and we hope you have learned and gained along with us.

Welcome everybody (back) to the festival blog. If you are new, this is where we update everybody during submission and screening season. The submission and screening time frame is July - May. We had 357 official submissions last year and screened 101 film's. This year we expect submissions to rise (early submissions which started In Oct. are already up)! Thank you. We have already started the underground film forum (#uff) as of October (1 month earlier this year!)

We are very excited to be currently producing the 5th festival with the past 4 years as our template. We have many changes and additions including launching (finally we know) a companion e-com site, Our experience as festival programmers and film fest organizers has been intense, vast, and edgy. We feel good we are imemrsed and learning from our 10+ years of digital film and festival experience and are excited to carry it over and reach new heights. We had planned from day 1 to be able to achieve great things for the film makers and fest participants by fest #5. We are very close to bringing forward a truely unique fest experience, 12 months a year. We hope you agree and want to participate in the fest by seeing a film, sitting in on a discussion, interacting online, or lingering in the fest lab or lounge for inspiration. Comments always welcome. We are open daily online and offline.

We will be posting regularly in the new year. For now, subscribe to the fest blog Feed via the subscribe button on the top right of the is site. As usual, feel free to contact us at any time, we love to talk about film and what surrounds it.

Thanks again and we'll see you at the festival, June 20 - 24, 2012. #piff #Pi5 #uff #film

More information to come before the new year!

Benjamin F. Barnett Festival Director Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 5 June 20 - 24, 2012 Box Office Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 338 Brown Street Philadelphia, Pa 19123 215 592-1242

Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Chega De Saudade" A Moment to relive.: Far away in the land of possiblilty

From our friends shooting in Brazil.
A message from the field ...
"Chega De Saudade" A Moment to relive.: Far away in the land of possiblilty: Friends, Time has passed by like a speeding train. We have spent close to a month here in Curitiba, a small city in the south of Brazil ...

- #piff #Pi5