Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#PUFF Screenings: Drama, Mystery, and Animation with purpose!

Great night...
We watched a series of movies last night that showed a common theme, great Camera work. We also screened 12 animations (We will discuss them later). Their were many comments on the ability of Independent Film to generate good imagery while trying to tell stories. But what was also said was that camera can't save story! Acting also can't be saved by Camera and that a movie is a sum of many, many parts. Their was a lot of disagreement on this ...

Here's 2 discussion points:

Day Labor by Brandon Oneill Kohl is a metaphoric but serious look at immigration. Taken from the Home Depot for cheap labor, the laborer's move about the societies they are hired to work for. With twists and turns, the people we meet on the corner take on a whole new role in their adopted society. This is a great look at a story many people in our immigration challenged society should see. ;)

Yep, the Day Laborer has taken over the set ...


Educating Cooper by Bryan Litt. A short story look at a school reporter who's mother has just passed away. Meanwhile, at the same time, he refuses to give into his corrupt / sarcastic Principal who will not print his essay about one of the schools top benefactors. All the while Audrey is running about the school channeling Alley Sheedy. Where does the story go and is it cliche for the older set? If so, does it give you the feeling that these kids are really going through "change" in their lives?


Benjamin F. Barnett
Festival Director
Philadelphia Independent Film festival
June 23 - 27, 2010

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