Thursday, May 13, 2010

Screening: Allegiance Directed by Ted Garland and a cast of many others. #PUFF #PhilaIndie

Logged: Philadelphia Independent Film festival / #PUFF


The important thing to remember about Allegiance is that it tells a true story: that of Isaac Jones, the Revolutionary War era owner of the historic Golden Ball Tavern in Boston, MA. Jones sells only Dutch tea in an attempt to maintain neutrality during the early days of the Revolutionary war (1775) and as a result loses the loyalty of old friends and neighbors. Allegiance communicates the ridiculousness of the British position during the Revolutionary war. The movie, in a documentary style, portrays a specific event that took place during a significant era in America's history. The story is communicated well and the ebb and flow of tension and temporary calmness keep the pacing interesting but easy for the viewer to follow. The perhaps over the top costuming appears to "perfect" which takes the edge off the drama unfolding, but who cares!

One of the most fascinating aspects of this film is the (many) people behind it. The production was a tremendous result of the combined efforts of students from the Weston High School Video Program, members of the Screen Actors Guild, members of the professional Independent filmmakers community of Boston, and the many re-enactors that live the life and times of the era on a day to day basis. It is a true example of the collaborative nature and possibilities of film.

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TRT: 32:00

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