Saturday, May 15, 2010

Screening: Eagles in the Chicken Coop by Brent Florence. #PUFF #PhilaIndie

Posted: Philadelphia Independent Film festival / Philadelphia Underground Film Forum.
Lisa Spiller

Screening Title: Eagle in the Chicken Coop.

Brent Florence's 97-minute feature Eagles in the Chicken Coop is an innovative take on the coming of age story, told in mocumentary form. The film, told from the point of view of an investigative documentarian, explores the tension between the filmmaker and the industry as it follows the story of two young filmmakers and their struggle to shoot their first feature-length film. As Armondo (Kenny Luper) and Bill (Brent Florence) struggle to find themselves as writer/director/producers, they are met with opposition every step of the way from Nameless Studios, their satirically shallow production company. While Armondo ad Bill are out to create a heartfelt and meaningful first feature, Nameless Studios are expecting a made-for-TV mature movie. As a result, their production of The Lone Rancher becomes a battlefield as they fight to take artistic liberties while still upholding their contract, which mandates that they include a sex scene every five minutes and lands them with an impossible cast list.

Eagles in the Chicken Coop brings the least glamorous facet of the film industry to light. Because film is such a public art form, the wishes of those closest to the film can be overlooked, becoming secondary to the general audience's reception of the final product. Although executed humorously, the mocumentary provokes serious thought.


TRT: 97 min

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