Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome! The decisions have been finalized. We will contact you all in the afternoon. Check WAB, email or call the studio at: 215 -592-1242.

We want to thank the film makers from all over the world who submitted this year. We say this every year, but it holds true, hearing your stories over the months has proven to be as rewarding as ever and is a Fest in itself. Thank you to the underground film forum #uff, underground film guild #ufg, and the Media Bureau for the platform.

14 screenings at the Franklin Institute are on tap. Media Bureau, Cafe Treece, Raven Comedy club, and the Random Tea Room round out the screening rooms. We will post the screening schedule this Thursday, May 26.

Please send in Fest screening copies now!

The Film makers lounge is open June 14th and tickets go on sale May 29th. Tickets are $8 and $10. Opening night, June 22 and closing night June 26, are $20. Please purchase early and support Independent Film Making.

Thank you from everybody at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 4.

See you at the Fest June 22-26.

Benjamin Barnett
Festival Director