Tuesday, January 31, 2012

WAB link to rise Febuary 3rd.

Hello #Pi5 #piff, Here's a quick note to keep following the Social Media feeds and emails. We plan to have the WAB link up by February 3rd or soon after. Benjamin Barnett Festival Director Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 5 June 21 - 25, 2012 Festival Submissions: Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 5 338 Brown Street Philadelphia, Pa 19123 Press: 267 228 - 0333

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 5 - June 20 - 24, 2012

About our festival:

With the US Metropolitan city of Philadelphia as its backdrop, the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival is a yearly meeting of the artist and business community that encompass the innovation, creativity, diversity, and uniqueness of film making and it's impact.

The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival provides an environment for its artists to engage and network in this broadening dialogue with a diverse and international community. --- We have great sponsors, a global media minded film community, and an enabled eco-system meeting at the same time. Join the festival.

We are committed to showcasing independently produced work by film makers who have created a unique cinematic experience that does not feel restrained by traditional boundaries but looks to seek outlets for their work. --- We screen Independent movies. Ask us what an Independent movie is.

Located in the City of Brotherly Love that loves you back, Philadelphia, this annual festival brings together peers, admirers, critics, creators, audience members, and on-line viewers of independent films to present, discuss, and experience the scope of independent movie maker possibilities. --- The long tradition of media and arts in Philadelphia is humbling. We are proud to be amongst such passion and do what we can.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

----------------------------- Welcome back! This past fest drew more than 8,000 people to the festival. 7,000+ of those people were on the internet. We now continually rank in the top (5) searches for Independent Film Festival via Google. Fest goers / web attendees bought tickets, watched trailers, read synopsis, read reviews, read blogs, attended 23 events sessions, clicked on (many) links, and much, much more.

This year we expect nothing less.

Thank you for the continued and ongoing interaction over the last 9 months. after this years fest, we will be providing more and more reason to do so including the launch of an HD/SD Royalty Free website for all Film Makers. We have continually run weekly screenings (#UFF), Wednesday 9pm-12am, exploring not only the films themselves, but how we can move beyond the theatre and into a virtual a interactive movie experience and discussion.


The 5th Festival will be held June 20-24, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA USA (Northern Liberties section). We will also be screening in Center City at the Franklin Institute's Franklin Theatre, Raven lounge, Random Tea Room, and other venues.

The festival box office is currently located at the Media Bureau, 725 N. 4th Street, you can reserve passes now on the website or call 215 592-1242 or 267 228-0333.

This is a walking festival (Yeah, yeah, Northern Liberties and Center City are walking distance). The City is beautiful in June! Walk!

We thank you for your continued interest and consideration and hope you participate in and attend this year's festival.

Please spread the word and support Independent media.

See you at the festival, Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 5 June 20 - 24, 2012 215.592-1242 Press contact: 267.228-0333