Monday, March 14, 2011

WithoutaBox Festival submission link ... 2011 Philadlephia Independent Film Festival

#PIFF4 -

We have asked film makers if WAB is their submission system of choice and for the 4th year, you have said yes. We are always looking for the best and easy way for you to submit to the fest and are happy to be working with WAB for the 4th year. You can use this link to submit.

We have added one more deadline for your convenience.

Please contact us at with questions or call the studio at 215 592-1242 if you have direct questions.

Thank you!

We hope to see you at the festival June 22-26, 2011.

UPDATE: Festival Submission screenings at the Sedgwick date to be moved!

The film forum is on the move again! For on going updates / input we're at the forum blog:

We will confirm a spot and date next week. Media Bureau screenings and festival submission preview / screenings will be part of the new dates as well as our ongoing daily screenings in the lab. Sorry for the delay!

It's a tough road out there with so many pro's with the best ideas! But it's healthy for the viewers... ;) We're excited to have our own screenings again.

Thank you for listening to us the past 5 weeks... More soon ...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Michael Winner - Dirty Weekend (uncut!!). Classic Satire and Revenge all in one ... 'nuff said. Underground Film Forum #UFF

Presented by: Underground Film Forum, Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, and Adam Lippe>>>

Tonight! Sedgwick on Germantown Avenue. Mt. Airy. 7pm.

7137 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19119

Michael Winner - Dirty Weekend (uncut). Classic Satire and Revenge all in one ... 'nuff said.

See you there.

Dark Thriller White of the Eye + the short Donald Cammell: The Ultimate Performance. Screening March 3rd at the Sedgwick in M. Airy.

The screenings have been great and we are moving on with Cafe plans! Come by, watch the movies, tell us your ideas...

Screening time is 7pm.

Thank you to:
and the humble...