Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 5 - Festival Winners 2012

Best Feature:
1st - Things I Don’t Understand Director - Director:  David Spaltro
2nd - Maybe Tomorrow – Director: Michael Wolfe
Honorable Mention – Santiago - Director: Felix Martinez

Best First Time Director (Feature)
Angels Around Me – Director: Stephen “Stix” Josey

Best Short:
1st – Organized Criminal – Director: George Santini
Honorable Mention – Nausea – Director: Jeff Curren

Best Local Feature:
1st – Benny the Bum – Director: Paul and Dan Cantagallo
Honorable Mention – The Descending – Director: Kyle Thompson

Best Local Short:
1st - Welcome Home – Director: Danny Donnelly

Best Sci-Fi Feature
1st – Towers – Director: Jet Wintzer

Best Sci-Fi Short
1st –Serum – Director: Chidi Ozeih

Best Comedy Feature:
1st Trailer Park Jesus – Director: Sean Gerowin

Best Documentary Feature:
1st - Contradictions of Fair Hope – Director: Epatha Merkerson
2nd – The Revolutionary - Director: Lucy Ostrander, Irv Drasnin, Don Sellers
Honorable Mention- Bailout (US) - Director Sean Fahey

Best Documentary Short:
1st – If I Make It, I Win – Director: Roberto Ferri

Best Social Documentary:
1st It’s A Girl Thing – Director: Shannon Silva

Best Music Documentary:
1st – Inside the Perfect Circle: The story of Joel Thome – Director: Chris Pepino
2nd – Diary of a Decade – Director: Jason Orr

Best Foreign Documentary
1st – In The Name of Our Mothers (Poland) – Director: Mary Skinner

Best Foreign Feature
1st – Duck Hunter (Italy) – Director: Edgidio Veronesi
2nd – Zima (Germany) – Katerina Stankovic

Best Foreign Short
1st – Ausreichend (Germany) – Director: Isabel Prahl
2nd  - Sea Pavillion (South Africa) – Director: Todd Somodevilla
Honorable Mention – Suddenly Zinal (Iran) – Director: Navid Azed

Best Animation
1st – Landscape (France) – Director Anabela Costa
2nd – The Game (Poland) – Director: Marcin Janiec
Honorable Mention – O-Bon (US) – Director: Robert Kauffman

Best Music Video
1st - Magic Sounds of Arrows (Sweden) – Director: Oskar Gullstrand
2nd – It's Over Now - KIN4LIFE (US) - Director: Dorian G. Stone

Thank you,
Benjamin F. Barnett
Festival Director


Santiago TheMovie said...

Thank you Philadelphia Independent Film Festival for awarding SANTIAGO with an Honorable Mention in the Best Feature category. We truly appreciate this honor and are proud to have been a part of your 2012 festival!

Anonymous said...

Thank You guys for allowing us to rock the chapel. I wish you guys all the best for 2012 and get ready for next year's festival! Conroy. www.oliver-twisted.com