Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Screening: Let the Truth be Told. #UFF #PUFF #piff2011 #

Post: freeRADlab
Director: anonymous
Feature length

Lurking beneath the depths of every government conspiracy is a plot hatched by someone. This plot may lay in fact or fiction. At times it contained both. You can never be sure.

When the film we are about to screen was left for us, we initially were told not to screen it. We were told that the material was to much about the truth and that the the truth be told, the world would quake. What we are about to see is has never been publicly screened before.

Let the Truth be told.

... Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, after the request was made to the film maker, we cannot publish the name of the film! Sorry if you missed it. If not, you know what it's called. ;)