Friday, July 23, 2010

Predilection by Mario Garcia. A Bank Robbery for the ages... Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

Philadelphia Independent Film festival - Philadelphia Premier...

Review: Amy Leonard for the Media Bureau.

Predilection, a fast-paced action short directed by Marcio Garcia, delivers stunning visual effects and production value rarely found in the realm of independent short films. In Rio de Janeiro, a team is assembled to execute a large-scale bank robbery. A carefully implemented operation plays out, but not without its share of action, excitement, and suspense. The team consists of a range of personalities and backgrounds, all which show their true colors and talents under pressure.

Packed with gunshots, car chases, and Matrix-like slow motion shots, Predilection delivers an exciting plot complete with interesting characters and top-notch direction. Featuring the city of Rio de Janeiro as the scenic backdrop, constant action and anticipation keep the narrative moving forward. The tension lasts from the opening sequence to the last moments of the film, where one final revelation is in store.

Garcia’s high-energy action Predilection provides a short but thrilling ride chronicling a large-scale, expertly executed bank robbery. Or is it?

Origin: Brazil
TR: 15:00

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