Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Synopsis: Lionel Laget and Trirème Films Team.

Screening: Sunday, 2:00pm CAFE TREECE as part of the 3rd Annual Philadelphia Independent Film festival.

Posted: Genesis and history of my movie ...

The film is based on a true story. During the curfew the Second World War, sometimes leaving their tram depot. Always connected to electric current, a forgetting to tighten the brake, and a tram left alone!
Thus, the townspeople thought they saw trams ghosts!
Creation of the film :
It is a combination of old photographs, a model of tram, and the genuine old tram.
To comply with the films of the 30s, we turned burlesque characters in Super 8.
A music of a modern classic, the audience accompanies the fear, comedy and emotion.
As in Marseilles, Philadelphia has kept some of its trams. The PCC has provided for over forty years with excellent service.
This film has helped to prevent the destruction of old trams in the city!
Your old tram network has probably had its ghosts!

Lionel Laget.

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