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OFFICIAL WINNERS: Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2010

Hello everybody,
Last night was a fitting closing night ceremony - loose, exciting, and heartfelt. Thank you to: PSAV, G Rich & team,,,,, NLNA, GPTMC, RUBA, Abbaye, Red Cup, Random Tea Room, Doll Face Studio, Cafe Treece, Honey's Sit & Eat, Cafe Lau Maude, Pura Vida, Lafayette Bistro, 700 club, North Bowl, Chuck Treece, Little Brown Chair(!), The Rezarekt, Jason Walker, Surgeon, Keith Atkinson, Greenable, Almanac Market, CLEAR, Sphere Communications, &

Below are the Official Winners of the 3rd Annual Philadelphia Independent Film festival 2010.

Thanks to everybody who made this happen. After a long ride, we are solidly on track to provide a unique and aggressive programming experience for the Philadelphia Independent Film festival and the City of Philadelphia.

If you attended, please let us know. We saw many camera's and sketch artists and we would love to hear your thoughts and see your pictures. You can upload them to the Festival Facebook and website account if you desire or link to our website what you have posted.

We applaud everybody who submitted to us. We look forward to see you at our weekly screenings.

With great thanks,

Benjamin Barnett
Festival Director
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
June 23 - 27, 2010

3rd Annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2010

Best Feature:
Kandahar Break (David Whitney ~ Director)
Honorable Mention - Feature
The Beginner (Benjamin Coccio)
Honorable Mention - Feature
Putt Putt Syndrome (Alan Cognata– Director)

Best – Short:
Qing Lou Nu ( Bryan Hopkins ~ Director)
Honorable Mention - Short
Furs ( Jill Knox-Gosse)

Best – Political
Who killed Chea Vichea? (Rich Garella ~ Producer / Bradley Cox ~ Director)
Honorable Mention - Political
Auf Wiedersehen: Till We Meet Again (Linda G. Mills ~ Director / Producer)

Best - Special Feature
Letters from the Desert: Eulogy to Slowness (Michela Occhipinti – Director / Producer)
Honorable Mention - Special Feature
Blue Wonder ( John Shenk / Akemi)

Best - Feature Length Music Documentary
Average Community (Fred Zara ~ Director and Christopher Zara ~ Writer /CoProducer)
Honorable Mention - Feature Length Music Documentary
Riot Acts – Flaunting Gender (Madsen Minax ~ Director)

Best Film - Foreign
Stockholm (United Arab Emirates) (Tiffany Yoon Director/Producer)
Honorable Mention - Foreign
Bruja (PANAMA) (Jason Yamas ~Producer)

Best - Animation
The Lift (Robert Kohr)
Honorable Mention - Animation
The Cow Who Wanted To Be A Hamburger (Bill Plympton)

Best - Music Video:
Nicolas Maranda – “646” (Nicolas Maranda ~Director)
Honorable Mention: Music Video
Ruse of Fools – “The Flood” (Mark Gonzalas – Composer)
Honorable Mention - Music Video
DJ Ease Back / Prince Lord - The Light (DJ Ease Back - ~Director)

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