Saturday, June 28, 2008

An Evening with Xaviera Hollander: the Happy Hooker

Just when the squelching heat began to dissipate under the influence of a glancing thunderstorm, Xaviera Hollander tongue tied an overflow audience made hot again as the Happy Hooker revealed a timeless message.

The documentary, XAVIERA HOLLANDER "THE HAPPY HOOKER": PORTRAIT OF A SEXUAL REVOLUTIONARY, describes her life story. She began life during World War II imprisoned in a concentration camp run by vicious, anti-Semitic Japanese militia in Java, Indonesia wherein her unique conditioning history generated a powerful sexual appetite. The movie then spanned her early adolescence, bisexuality, rise to fame, and evolution to monogamy with new husband Philip de Haan. Through it all, the Happy Hooker continued her embrace of life while challenging, with grace and wit, the love-stifling sexual repressiveness of most cultures.

At the showing of her world premier sellout, this feminine feminist and icon of the 70's era sexual revolution dismissed, as unworthy of lost pleasure, the symbolic castration of men by women who more narrowly define their gender's politics. To a question about Jill Nagle's book, Whores and Other Feminists, Xaviera praised the poly-fidelity and poly-amorous movements that have begun to infiltrate the culture and called for a man’s liberation movement. She explained that while women's liberation has greatly advanced the plight of women, men can be divorced, impoverished, and denied access to their children due to wives making their marriage untenable. "This is a time for men's liberation.”

Noting how differently people answer her probing questions about sexuality when they’re with a partner, she explained that the most frequent male fantasies were GOOD blow jobs and a ménage à trois with two women. Lamenting the homophobic effects of our culture’s training, she then praised women’s superior capacity for vivid fantasy and challenged a young woman with boyfriend to reveal her secret fantasies. The woman developed a sudden case of lockjaw.

In a subsequent interview, producer John Patti revealed his hopes that, through this movie, the younger generation will get a clue about what the sexual revolution was all about and why it will remain critically relevant throughout their lives. The extent to which the movie succeeds at this will vary with the size of its distribution which shows early signs of being quite large. John reported that Showtime Network is strongly considering purchasing the film rights and the film was accepted by both the prestigious Dances With Films festival in Los Angeles (July 25th - 31st) and the inaugural West Hollywood (CA) International Film Festival (July 29th - August 1st).

At the freeRadlab, the festival’s managing director Steve Greenbaum and Xaviera posed for a picture. A bystander recalled a recent picture in which Xaviera had cupped porn legend Annie Sprinkle's bosom. A lusciously perky technical support person piped up: “I have tits!” but this was not enough to get a photo op with the famous Madame. Later, Steve and his pregnant wife Lauren posed with Xaviera for a photo. Lauren explained that the reason she couldn’t answer Xaviera’s question of whether she wanted her daughter to be a hooker like her when she grows up was because she didn’t know the sex of her unborn child.


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Thank you. Thank you. We will forever in time remind ourselves of the time we spent. The Premier was fantastic. Kudos...

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