Monday, July 9, 2012

A Jew in Maos China - a review of The Revolutionary

China is very much in the forefront of our current geopolitical dialogue today. To the unknowing, it has been at the forefront for decades. Thinking of the film The Revolutionary that screened at the National Constitution Center made us think of the times we have picked up and left home for change,  adventure and / or intrigue. Rarely do many leave to take part in global change.

Produced and directed by Lucy Ostrander and Don Sellers, a married couple from Seattle, and Irv Drasnin, “The Revolutionary” was partially based on “The Man Left Behind,” a memoir by Rittenberg, who is now a 91-year-old consultant to American businesses in China. It is a must see documentary that tells a story that once told, just might change how you see China today.

~ Thank you to and blogger Laura Goldman

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