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Post :Franklin Institute screening schedule.

 JUNE 20-24, 2012
Franklin Institute  
Screening schedule
(subject to change)
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June 20 through the 24th, 2012
FRANKLIN INSTITUTE screening schedule:
Wednesday: Opening night ($20 includes opening event)

Bail Out (Documentary) Dir. Sean Fahey. 87min 8:00 – 9:40 (Franklin Theatre)
Fed up with corrupt “bail-out” banks trying to foreclose on them, five Chicagoans drive to Vegas with stacks of cash withheld from bailed out banks—to give themselves a long-overdue bailout of their own!
A feature documentary that explores the causes and effects of America’s financial crisis: after losing his job as a big-firm lawyer, Titus withholds his mortgage payment from a major bailout bank for several months. Seeing his friend rack up tens of thousands of dollars, comic John Fox wheedles Titus into taking a Winnebago excursion to the Las Vegas Tropicana where Fox has a stand-up gig.

From entry-level workers in northeast Indiana RV factories to Congressional leaders to rock stars, Bailout will tell the story of recent American economic events through the mouths of people who labored through thick and thin--what it was and how it has affected us all.

Zima (Germany) (Drama) 45 min - 7:00 – 8:00 (Franklin Theatre)
Michael announces his plans to come home after a long mysterious absence. The people whom he had left behind decide to organize a small get-together for his return. Despite his promise, Michael stays away yet he remains strangely omnipresent, just like the fears that he may never return.

Nausea (Drama) (Experimental Short) Dir. Jeff Curran. 13 min 7:00 – 8:00 (Franklin Theatre)
A young woman takes a man from her class home with her one night and wakes up to find him lying dead next to her.  As she attempts to find the cause and a solution, she begins to see that things are not in the least bit as they seem.

Bringing King to China (Documentary) 85 min. Dir. Kevin McKieman, Haskell Wexler
 7:30 – 9:15 (Franklin Theatre)
Bringing King to China documents a cross-cultural dialogue about the current relevance of Dr. King's philosophy of peace and non-violence. The feature-length documentary conveys the lead character's "dream to build a bridge between the societies by talking about peaceful struggle and universal rights" (The New York Times). It chronicles her twelve-month struggle to interpret and adapt King's message for Chinese society, preserve the historical accuracy of the U.S. civil rights movement, clear bureaucratic hurdles before opening night and raise funds to pay the theater company. Powerful and intimate, the film takes American viewers backstage at the National Theatre of China, as Chinese actors rehearse with African-American gospel singers.  

Tango MacBeth – (Drama) 73 min. 7:30 – 9:15. Dir. Nadine M. Patterson.  (IMAX)  
Macbeth, deconstructed, Tango Macbeth is a visceral, fluid, energetic re-imagining of this classic tragedy for a 21st Century multicultural world. A play, within a documentary, within a film. Tango Macbeth follows the actors as they lose themselves within Shakespeare's world.
The form of the film is improvisational narrative observational documentary. There are points where the narrative flow is intentionally disrupted and audience expectations are smashed. The camera work, music, and casting all reflect the re-imaging of the text. Not in a superficial way, but in a way that gets to the core of the story.

Things I Don’t Understand Drama – (Mystery) 8:00 – 9:45 Dir. David Spaltro (IMAX) 
The story follows Violet Kubelick, a brilliant young grad student studying near-death experiences and her recent withdrawn, closed-off behavior after a mysterious, failed suicide attempt. She and her two artist-roommates are forced by financial matters to finally confront their fears and step out of the protective bubble they've created for themselves in their Brooklyn loft while Violet herself forms a cathartic relationship with a young, terminally ill girl in a hospice she is interviewing for her thesis. A story of changing, relationships, love, life and what comes after we die.

Santiago  (Documentary/Drama) 10:10 – 12:08 Dir. Felix Martiz (IMAX)
Santiago is a drug dealer who agrees to let Miguel, a Mexican actor, follow and study him for his next role. With only Billy the cameraman at his side, the two set out to document a day in the life of Santiago. Through Billy's camera we see the story of a man struggling to survive as he juggles a world of prostitutes, territorial control, and drugs in the streets of Los Angeles. As the night comes closer to an end, all is not as it appears to be in a world of lies and blood shedding truths.

True Bromance (COMEDY) 5:15 – 7:00 (IMAX)
A musician hopelessly in love with Republican heroine Condoleezza Rice embarks on an odyssey across America, receiving hilariously absurd counsel on how to win her heart

Red Corvette (DRAMA) 7:20 – 8:55 (IMAX)
Cindy Reese, a suburban high school senior, who is burdened with more than her fair share of teenage angst. Utterly friendless, she longs for the day when she can graduate and leave all her troubles behind. But it won't be easy as a rival of hers manages to make her fail for the year. Cindy is forced to enroll in Summer School, where she finds herself seated next to the extremely sultry Bella Fagone, the daughter of a mob boss. The two immediately bond whereupon Cindy soon finds her staid suburban life turned upside down. Watch as Bella introduces her new-found protege to the seedy and oftentimes dangerous world of her NYC night life, a world filled with illicit drug use and eventually cold-blooded murder.

Angels Around Me – (Documentary / DRAMA) 9:05 – 10:45 Dir. Stephen “Stix” Josey (IMAX)
A film about choices. Everyone makes choices in life; some good, some bad. Angels provide a special few another chance. We all have protection around us that we can't see ... the Angels Around Me.

Willie Sutton (Documentary) 5:00 – 6: 00 (IMAX)
America's most famous bank robber of the twentieth century doesn't fancy prison accommodations. When he gets caught and confined, he escapes ... three times! In the Footsteps of Willie Sutton is a documentary film that follow this gentleman bandit's criminal career that spans over four decades.

Animation Festival  6:05 – 7:05
Ø       Landscape (11 min) (France)
Ø       The Game (6 min) (Poland)
Ø       O-Bon (12 min) (Japan)
Ø       The Story of Cholera (4 min) (Israel)

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Anonymous said...

"Bailout" getting stellar reviews...
(“Must See Film: Michael Moore Meets Hunter S. Thompson”)
(“It is a must-see movie both because of its hard-hitting expose on Wall Street fraud and because it shows the effect of that fraud on the 99% more viscerally than any other movie I’ve seen.”)
(“BAILOUT Connects the Dots: Fraud > Crisis > Fraud > Bailouts > Fraud > American Tragedy”)
(“BAILOUT is a superb addition to an emerging genre of film - the Wall Street Crime of the Millennium Tragedy.”) (“Everyone on the planet needs to see Bailout”)
(“Titus is a fascinating character—a boozy, smoking, genius-type who embodies at once Hunter S. Thompson and Oscar Acosta”)