Friday, April 20, 2012

Record Paradise: The Musical Life of Joe Lee - Michael Streissguth (54 min) - UFF

In the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival #UFF screening room: Record Paradise: The Musical Life of Joe Lee Michael Streissguth (54 min) #UFF Record Paradise rolls with Joe Lee, black sheep of a blue-blood Maryland family, owner of one of the nation's most successful record stores, and an irreverent musical impresario. Leading an unruly parade of musicians, collectors, and disc jockeys, Joe has sold records to generations of music fans and produced, booked and managed some of Washington D.C.'s most beloved blues and rock acts, including the tragically zany Root Boy Slim. Opinionated, brash, and unabashedly entertaining , Joe Lee is a movie unto himself. Record Paradise is the next best thing. ~ed


Anonymous said...

This film got a nice ink in the Memphis Commercial Appeal on Friday:

Pitched somewhere between AMC's "Comic Book Men" and HBO's "Treme," director Michael Streissguth's "Record Paradise: The Musical Life of Joe Lee" (5 p.m. Saturday) is a documentary love letter to a black sheep with blue blood, the scion of an influential Maryland political family who for almost 40 years has run a Silver Spring record store, where he nurtured the careers of such musical eccentrics as Root Boy Slim ("Too Sick to Reggae," "So Young, So Hip, So Lame") and saved many valuable collections from the landfill.

Team: freeRADlab said...

Anonymous - Do you have a link?

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to Memphis article on Record Paradise:

And the link to Record Paradise trailer:

Mike Streissguth said...

I'm like Ryan Howard, dying to get into the Philadelphia line up.

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